Every journey begins with a single step. Your journey to health can take many different paths. Some of them may be frustrating as they ended up in a different place then you were searching for. If you are tired of traveling that path that has not led you to the healthy lifestyle you have been searching for, you have the opportunity to begin another journey now with a health coach to help you find that destination.


Darlyn Sparr is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She can help guide you on that journey. Based on the principles of applied functional medicine and bio-individuality, Darlyn will provide you with a personalized approach to help you with the struggles that have led you to a less than desired state of health.

But why a Health Coach you might be asking. And what can a Health coach do for me? Like any other kind of coach, a Health coach provides support, guidance, objective listening and specialized instruction to adjust your lifestyle, eating habits and many other things that eventually affect your health.